Fiona McLaren
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 45

Age Group --- 5+ Do You Want To Go on a Treasure Hunt With The Pirates? Can a boring rainy day change into adventurous day with the pirates?This is exactly what happened to Samuel.This fun-filled entertaining story will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the book. Every chapter ends with a cliff-hanger. You will keep turning the pages until you finish the book.Did the Pirates take him along with them for the treasure hunt?--- What happened to Samuel when he fell into the ocean? Did Green-Beard Save the Ocean Pearl from Red-Beard, The Enemy captain?--- Did Samuel fight with the enemies? Was he able to handle the sword?Dangerous Encounter With A Tiger--- Did the Tiger, the Tyson, attack him in the jungle? Trapped by Naughty Money--- How did he escape from the monkey trap?Did Jungle King Julian help him?--- Did he get the help he needed from the King Julian?Who Stole the ...
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