J. Clark Hallvin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 437

New York, 1908. Prometheus Grey—hapless escape artist, charlatan spiritualist, and thief—stumbles upon an opportunity to be forgiven for his checkered past. To earn a pardon for his crimes, he must perform a secret service for the United States: he must seek out a man known only as Brother Iscariot, the modern leader of a worldwide conspiracy bent on the destruction of national governments and the subjugation of Mankind. But Prometheus is not alone—he is joined by a band of unlikely heroes, each with special talents, on a mission to bring down Iscariot once and for all. To succeed, they will have to put differences aside and trust one another as they travel the globe, confronting secret societies, pagan fanatics, and scientific horrors of the Industrial Age."An electric tale flickering with conspiracy, lust and betrayal." --Kirkus Reviews...
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