K. A. Brown
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 78

What do you do when:You work out, eat right and still the weight creeps up over the years? When your favorite pair of jeans are too tight to button? When you starve yourself on a diet and the scale refuses to budge?This is my story on how I found a healthy way to lose weight fast – and more importantly – keep it off. As a middle aged woman, I was very frustrated at all the conflicting information out there about how to lose weight. I didn’t want to eat any weird foods or take pills, I just wanted a way a healthy way to lose the 10 extra pounds that I hadn’t been able to get rid of for a decade. I tried low carb, cleanses. I tried and failed at "just eat less". After much research on nutrition and weight loss, I found a healthy way to reset my eating habits and lose that stubborn 10 pounds, keeping the weight off for years!As you probably know it isn't just about losing the ...
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