Keir Cutler
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 45

"The Shakespeare Authorship Question: A Crackpot's View" is a quick, fun read that will leave you wondering why schools and colleges aren't teaching both sides of the Shakespeare story.Author and performer Keir Cutler is a "crackpot." More accurately, he has a "psychological aberration." He is also "ignorant," "a snob" and "a publicity hound." He has "a poor sense of logic," "refuses to accept evidence," and is possibly, "certifiably mad." Who calls him (and people like him) by those terms? The Shakespeare Birth Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Why? Because he questions whether the man from Stratford wrote the famous plays and poems. And even crazier, he contends that to many teachers and professors, Shakespeare has become a religion, and most schools would no more question Shakespeare’s authorship than the Vatican would question Jesus Christ’s divinity. There exists an ...
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