Stephanie Corcoran
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 297

Eddi is innately wise, yet confused by recent events which have left her to consider her life as a whole. Her beloved father-in-law, John has just died after a difficult illness that Eddi nursed him through. During this difficult time, she did not realize how close she had grown to John and how far she has distanced herself from his son, her husband, Peter. With John, her best friend and confidant, deceased, Peter gone on a supposed business trip and her two grown sons off on their own, Eddi finds herself alone in the Asheville, North Carolina lake house John left her, contemplating her troubled marriage and meeting the family next door. Eddi begins to realize that she has some changes to make and she starts to open herself up to new people and ideas. Sam and his adolescent daughter, Ivy, live next door to the lake house and as Eddi gets to know them she learns as much about herself as ...
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