J.W. Slider
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 352

Ben Richter carries a metronome with him - the beating of his heart driving the steps he can’t seem to stop taking. He’s come to embrace the rhythm of tomorrow’s uncertainty and the comfort of years spent putting miles beneath his feet. On a cold autumn day, that metronome drives Ben through Echton, a small Midwestern town, and sends him careening into the patchwork of lies that hold it together. From the darkness of a jail cell, Isabel Stanton’s plea pulls him into a storm he never knew he’d have to endure. Together, they try to untangle the mystery of her parents’ disappearance, tracking the clues across the country, hunted by Echton’s remorseless Sheriff Hix. With a price on his head and Isabel at his side, Ben soon realizes the fight he stumbled into has become his own.
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5 stars from 10 ratings
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