Eleanor Brooks
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 121

A Mermaid Adventure for 8 to 12 year olds.A young girl from a broken family learns that she is the key to saving an ancient underwater civilization.The sandcastle flickered with specks of magic on the beach that day. Sandrina was sure she had seen it. . . . That night, she travels in a dream of light and mist to the sandcastle and meets an actual mermaid named Tallia! This dazzling mermaid convinces Sandrina that she is the one who must search for the long lost princess of the underwater kingdom of Delos. She has seven days to reach the seven signs . . . and then her time will be up. On her quest, she encounters: an oracle, a school of dolphins, two manatee brothers, an army of sharks, the fierce sea witch, and the lovely air spirits. When a steadfast, young merman named Kiran, enters the picture . . . she's instantly drawn to him, but she's too young and too occupied with her mission ...
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