I. M. Probulos
Publisher: I. M. Probulos
Pages: 57

This Kindle book is for non-believers, including atheists, agnostics and secular humanists who believe in a deterministic world. It is assumed that you don’t base your worldview and morality on superstition, the supernatural or any deity. It is not for the "spiritual but not religious" as it assumes a materialistic world and a reductionist perspective on the human condition. It is not meant to convert the faithful. For those who doubt their faith or have recently lost it, If you do not believe the universe or a personal deity loves you and is concerned with your daily affairs this book could help you prosper.This concept is not to be confused with Stephen Hawking’s The Theory of Everything (2007), a unified theory that includes quantum mechanics and the fundamental interactions of nature: gravitation, strong interaction, weak interaction, and electromagnetism. That’s very interesting ...
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