Sara Alexi
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 372

Look no further for your next beach read!Another great book by a wonderful author; I am looking forward to reading the next one in the series! - David G CoxThe Gypsy’s Dream is a delightful yet challenging story of self-discovery, immersing you in rural Greek life where the simple setting betrays the complex interwoven lives of the villagers who live there.Light-hearted yet unafraid to delve into the dark, the story simultaneously follows the lives of two females, one in her youth and the other in her older years, whose unforeseen encounter impacts them both forever.Abby, a naïve yet headstrong teenager from England, storms out of her family house and boards a flight to Greece. With the promise of a bar job lined up for her by a friend at home, Abby gets hopelessly lost and ends up in the wrong village. Alone with very little money, unable to speak Greek and with no way to contact ...
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