Farzana Marie
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 155

"Farzana Marie's book is a fascinating primer... a readable, thoughtful presentation that deserves a wide readership." -- BlueInk Book Reviews"She urges Americans to leave their armored SUVs and fortified compounds to mingle with Afghans face-to-face, and to win 'hearts and minds' by forging close relationships and taking civilian concerns seriously... A lucid, cogent analysis of social psychology and group dynamics." -- Kirkus ReviewsIn a powerful blend of story and strategic insight, Farzana Marie provides a unique and timely perspective on the conflict in Afghanistan.  Realistic and optimistic, she draws on over ten years of personal connection with Afghanistan, including two years deployed as a U.S. Air Force officer, to urge clear thinking and action in the national interests of both the United States and Afghanistan.  Arguing that it is not too late for humble, victorious ...
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