Robert Paine
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 65

In a Survivalist or Doomsday scenario, you and your family still need to eat! This book provides 75+ essential recipes and food tips you need to take in order to insure your and your family's health and survival.If you expect to survive the aftermath of doomsday, you need to be prepared to keep you and your family safe and health. You'll learn how to make breads and biscuits, beans and rice, stews and soups, beef and chicken, and even desserts to keep your children happy!Doomsday can be unpredictable, like a hurricane or a devastating earthquake, giving people only a few hours or days to prepare. Some believe this will happen and some think it's all a bunch of superstition, but why even take the chance. Even if you don’t believe that doomsday is near, there are dozens of other natural disaster and man-made problem scenarios you and your family may face that require you to survive in ...
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