Liz Seach
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 97

What if your imaginary boyfriend got you pregnant--for real? Seventeen-year old Manon knows she's not pregnant. After all, she's never had sex. Except she is actually pregnant.Nobody's roofied her. And probably there isn't a pervert on the loose hypodermically impregnating virgins. Manon's going to have to treat the whole thing as an act of God. Either that or an alien abduction. She can't decide which is more preposterous.Whatever's happened, Manon may just as well give up her struggle to not be the weird girl at school. And she may as well give up on Elias, the mysterious boy who haunts her dreams.Except it turns out Elias knows Manon's fantasies about him. In detail.Like he's been inside her head while she's having them. . . Ready for a young adult paranormal romance that does things you've never seen before? Download the first episode of The Book of Beings today!
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