Robert Cossins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 159

Among the most debilitating decisions a man can make in life is to marry poorly. The Christian man who marries poorly voluntarily enters marital prison, unknowingly locking the prison door behind him, throwing away the key the very moment he exchanges vows. Such a man soon enough finds himself sex-deprived and in constant conflict. His wife often puts him in divorce slavery, the court diverting a large portion of his labors to his ex-wife, his children suffering grievously from the split. The divorced Christian man pays dearly for his marital mistakes, finding himself without moral sexual expression, a judge now standing in for him as the leader of his former family. Even in today’s divorce-ravaged culture, this hell on earth can be easily avoided, for there are time-tested ways for the Christian man to attract quality women, to separate the wheat from the chaff, accurately discerning ...
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