Becky Corwin-Adams
ASIN: B00C832RY4
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 122

Congratulations! You are part of the remarkable group of people who are health-conscious and highly motivated. You like to be fit and active. How do I know this? You are reading this book description, which is going to help you achieve your fitness walking goals. If you are like me, you probably hate exercising. This book explains how you can start a new fitness walking routine that will prove to be so enjoyable, you'll soon forget you are exercising. As an added bonus, you can share your walking adventures with family and friends - whether they are human, canine, or a mixture of both. Are you a dog lover, like me? Great. What dog would not enjoy spending quality one-on-one time walking with their master (aka dog's best friend)? My dogs enjoy walking in unfamiliar places and sniffing new things. Dogs love to sniff fire hydrants, trees, trash cans, and anything else they see. A dog's ...
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