Steve Challis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 67

A story with accurate, carefully researched facts about Platypuses and other animals.Scar Tail is a male Platypus compelled to seek new territory and leaves the predator proof fences of the sanctuary he was born in and tries to survive in the River Onkaparinga where Platypuses have been extinct for a hundred years.Peter is an autistic boy who has trouble relating to most people, but loves wild places and wild animals. Peter and his only friend, Andrew save Scar Tail from two Foxes, and observe the recolonization of the valley by Platypuses over the next 15 years.Just as Peter helps Platypuses when he can, the Platypuses provide Peter with the stimulus he needs to fulfill his potential.Scar Tail the Platypus is a book about Platypuses and other animals. The animals act like animals, not like people or toys. This is a fictional account of the recolonization of the Onkaparinga Valley in ...
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