Robert S. Shumake
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 164

When faced with the trials of homelessness and lifelongasthma, Robert Shumake has prevailed. He has gone on to earn immense wealth andrecognition as a successful entrepreneur and real estate magnet, with Fortune500 clients such as UPS and General Motors. But Shumake faced his toughest testwhen he took on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peakon the African continent, despite never having climbed before.The experience was far more difficult than Shumake hadimagined--it almost cost him his life. After surviving a massive asthma attack andignoring an expert's advice to turn back as he neared the top, reaching the peakof the mountain taught Shumake more about himself and life itself than he had ever anticipated. With both a detailed recollection of an epic climb and apractical guide to conquering any life or business-related obstacle that standsin the way of personal ...
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