Anura Guruge
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 156

Third Edition. Significantly revised and updated in August 2013 to coincide with print edition. A comprehensive guidebook to Comet ISON, C/2012 S1 (ISON), which could by year-end 2013 become ‘The Great Comet of 2013’, possibly ‘The Comet of the Century’ and maybe even a ‘once-in-a-civilization’ comet. This book, the Kindle version of which will be regularly revised during the rest of 2013 (for free downloads), captures all that is known of this sungrazing (but not a Kreutz) comet, which, with luck, on Boxing Day, i.e., December 26, 2013, will flyby Earth at a (very safe) distance of 39.9 million miles. There is, however, a 20% chance that this comet, like so many other sungrazers may not make it around the Sun intact. This book, in chapter 1 itself, looks at the five potential return path scenarios. This, in reality’ is a ‘2-in-1’ book: an in-depth guide to C/2012 S1 ...
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