N. C. Williams
Publisher: Artcymru ePublications
Pages: 207

Conman Bryn Jones longs to pull the ultimate scam. Having studied the hustles of the greatest conman of all time - Victor Lustig, Bryn sets about planning a con that will go down in history.But when an insurance fraud goes wrong, Bryn gets caught up in the murky world of drug dealing and the even dirtier world of the fast-tan business. With time running out, Bryn and his team select the marks and begin a con that will threaten their freedom and even their lives.Will Bryn escape the clutches of the drugs bosses, and can he pull off the scam of the century? Whatever happens, Bryn will have to face events that will change his life forever.From Wales to Spain, Bryn and his team blunder from one con to another, desperately trying to stay ahead of a serial killer sworn to exact revenge."The Italian Job set in Wales." Reader's comment.Fast paced fun.A black comedy from the author of the Welsh ...
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