Donna L. Young
Publisher: Xulon Press
Pages: 115

Many people wonder, “Is Jesus Christ even real?”For 38 years, I wondered too! I called myself a Christian because I wore a cross, prayed to God and attended church regularly. Yet, I lied, gossiped, and judged others without mercy. I misrepresented my God with my behavior, attitude, and words. Such was my life. In my prayers, I asked God to use my life to glorify Him but was ill-prepared for the response. I was arrested and charged with a felony! In deep and dark despair, I turned to Jesus Christ for help. He was there to save me, as I sorrowfully repented for my past sinful behavior. In the years that followed, Jesus transformed my heart and blessed my life with unimaginable peace and joy.There are countless books written about people who believed in Jesus Christ. Yet, there are very few vulnerable, personal, and raw accounts written by the author! “Apologies From a Repentant Christian” ...
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