Sergey Matyushkov
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 112

Dear friend!Are you ready to learn some simple and effective techniques and acquire fast fighting reflexes, which helped Bruce Lee to achieve such stunning results?These principles are so simple, that when you finish this book it will be clear how Bruce Lee was able to foretell the actions of his opponent on an intuitive (highest) level with so little effort. This book will help you to find out how to reach a new level of understanding freestyle. Unlike sport and traditional martial arts, it is not based on formal techniques, but on the key principles of reaching a specific state of AWARENESS in a fight. In this book I will emphasize the importance of being highly aware as it is a vital point, if you want to become a real Master. The method of mastering this unique psychic phenomenon will be fully and consequently described in this book. While learning these techniques in practice, you ...
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