Michelle Gaboya
Publisher: Jarratt Horton
Pages: 30

A summary of the most important aspects of making soap at home, covering all the basics for beginners looking to get started, or to further your knowledge of your favorite hobby. Includes FREE, BONUS CONTENT that can be downloaded from our website as an exclusive gift to make the Soap Making Quick Guide even better value - a beautiful, print friendly PDF copy of the book, so you can print a copy, add your own notes to the prints and personalise your soap guide even further.Handy to use as a quick reference guide, it's based on the comprehensive Ebook "Soap Making Made Easy" by Michelle Gaboya.This Ebook will explore the following aspects of soap making:The differences between hand-made and commercial soap, and the benefits of making your own,Tips for beginners,Sample recipes,Tips for selecting a recipe,The basic equipment you’ll need,Precautions for working with lye,How to make bar ...
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