Jason Hyde
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 156

Career change is downright terrifying. If you are experiencing massive anxiety (more than usual anyway) over a change that you must make to your career, or you know deep down you should make to your career, then you have found the right book. Career Fulfillment Found was written for you. Percentage wise, very few people are happily employed. The majority of the workforce is either unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed. Those are the facts. Corporations today are far less employee focused, the job market is nowhere near as good as the “improving” jobs numbers would suggest and “safe” jobs with good pay are almost extinct. The reason is that unfortunately, most people are looking for career fulfillment in the wrong place. They falsely believe that making changes to their external circumstances will solve all their problems. They believe if they just “get a job,” or “find a ...
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