Claudine Copper
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 25

Learning French fun and easy way. Kids learn French and Wow! What a series. Travel to France with your kids and explore the French language and French culture with the downright hilarious and witty CloClo Poodle series. The French-American authors don’t miss a beat weaving in cultural and language pun’s and twists. The CloClo Poodles adventures on the French Riviera is for anyone loving cultures; love French, France, or planning a trip to France? Go to France with CloClo Poodle and her purse dog pack ahhh la la trés drôle.Learn French and have fun on your travels to the Riviera...... CloClo Poodle is a feisty French fashionista who places friendship first. CloClo and her purse dog pack are high energy, fun,”can do” dogs. When CloClo and her purse dog friends go on vacation to the glamorous French Riviera the fun really begins. They meet up with Stars and surfers. But when one ...
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