Robert Mitchell
Publisher: Robert Mitchell
Pages: 377

FOR OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS THE SECRET HIDING PLACE OF THE JADE SEAL HAS BEEN JUST THAT – A SECRET.The dragon seal of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, will be the most valuable ancient artefact to come from the Middle Kingdom, if they can find it. The accidental destruction of a small antique porcelain pillow reveals the secret of the seal, leading the young Australian teacher and his Scottish friend away from their peaceful college at Nandaihe on the shore of the Bo Sea, drawing them up into the freezing bleakness of the jagged mountains of Huangshan as they try to locate the ancient tomb where a faithful retainer to the emperor had hidden the jade seal, hiding it far from where the long dead emperor is believed to still lie in state. But not only must the two friends find the hidden tomb carved into the living rock of one of the jagged peaks of Yellow Mountain, they must ...
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