M. Maria Creel
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 62

Dying to Be Heard is a fictional Novella that tells the story of Maryland born mystery writer Jessica Kolby Robinson. Thirty-seven year old Jessica is married to psychologist Dr. Michael Robinson, and they live in New York. Jessica is the daughter of world renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kolby and pediatrician, Judith Kolby. Jessica is an African American, wealthy woman who had a privileged upbringing in regards to education and material goods. When Jessica learns that her estranged father has had a heart attack and is in the hospital's ICU, she is forced to relive her childhood nightmare. She is the victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of her father who is well respected in his community. She is also a victim of a mother who ignored the abuse. Jessica recalls every detail of the abuse that started as far back as 4 years old. However, Jessica cannot remember what ...
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