Laura T Emery
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 354

Stacia met Wilbur at an inconvenient time in her life, to say the least. She went out to grab lunch for her controlling husband of 17 years and decided not to go back. Then, there was the pesky matter of her impending death. News she has just received from her childhood friend, Jerry.A half Russian half Native American beauty, Stacia Altman tried to look on the lighter side of life, until one day it just became too dark. Her passion for art history and adventure having waned long ago. Wilbur is a devastatingly handsome stranger that initially repulses Stacia because of his too-perfect charm and looks. While fighting her way through the stages of grieving, Stacia finds great friends, love, and most importantly, humor. As she travels the globe solving the mystery of her life and coming to terms with her inevitable death, she ultimately discovers that the end might just be the ...
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