Cleveland McLeish
Publisher: Heart of a Christian Playwright
Pages: 242

Chloe has a lot on her plate. Between avoiding her crotchety boss, balancing her new found faith, achieving her dream of being an author, and trying to fend off the affections of the persistent James Jones, she hardly has time to sleep, let alone solve the mystery of her “undead” father, Patrick. Strange things start happening to Chloe and things don't add up.The deeper Chloe delves for information, the less clear things become. With James close by, Chloe embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Eventually, Chloe finds immeasurable success as a screenwriter. Her writing changes the world and millions of people across the globe are touched by her gift. But on the way to fame, and forgetting about her eerie experiences, she also discovers a terrible truth that will take it all away.
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