Liam Naden
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 31

Great Communication is the Key to a Great Marriage….but how do you create it? How do you re-establish effective communication with your spouse when they are hostile towards you or want to leave?In this volume of the "Growing in Love for Life" series, marriage and relationships coach Liam Naden reveals the true process for rebuilding your marriage through communicating again.Discover:- the one secret to REAL communication that will instantly change the way your spouse feels about you. This is the same technique that has been used by great leaders to change the world - and you can use it to change your marriage- the seven steps of effective communication (do these in sequence and see the hostility dissolve in your relationship)- how to get your spouse to listen to you and your feelings- how to stop your fights and arguments by truly being able to listen to each other… and much more.This ...
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