Howard McEwen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 142

Newly updated, edited and proofed second edition, December, 2020Wagner Siebenthaller is a hard working man. All that hard work has paid off in a good business, a nice house, a pretty wife, a growing daughter and a girlfriend on the side.But life gets unbearably hard when his daughter is assaulted. Now all Wagner wants is revenge. Obsession for vengeance, however, cracks open his psyche. What comes out is a tsunami of pain and violence that crashes across the Kentucky landscape carrying away the lives of anyone close to him.In this brutally honest novel, Howard McEwen explores the meaning of manhood and fatherhood in a modern America that marginalizes the virtues of men and fathers.“Caution: Daddy Issues is a real punch in the gut!”- Kia Heavey, author of Night Machines“In Daddy Issues, author Howard McEwen has crafted a tight tale that will elicit passion and emotion from any parent. ...
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