Katie Lee O'Guinn
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 173

Ava Paskell is not your normal young woman. She's twice as strong as girls her age and she has a problem controlling her emotions. When her dad insists they spend the summer together in a small, strange Canadian town, she knows her life is about to change. But one of the biggest life changing moments is meeting Cyrus Carlston. The powerful bond they share from the very beginning scares her as much as it thrills her. As her life is put in danger and she gets closer an closer to the truth, one thing is clear, Ava's dreams are about to become her reality.Reviews:This is by far on my top list of werewolf stories! And believe me when I tell you I have read almost all wolf/werewolf stories out there! It has a great, great story plot! I love the girl in this story it has a crazy turn of events for her! Love the romance and her need to be free. Anyone looking for a good werewolf novel this is ...
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 73 ratings
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4.5 stars from 2 ratings