Joyce Livingston
ASIN: B00CKD9038
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Pages: 174

Will Tina Taylor ever marry? She came close several times, but things never worked out. Now, twelve years after leaving Juneau, Alaska, she has returned to fix up her grandmother's old house. When a chance meeting reunites Tina with Hank Gordon, the man she's secretly loved since high school, she discovers he is exactly the sort of man she's been waiting for. Hank Gordon was married once, then widowed. He nearly married a second time but was left standing at the altar when a close friend snatched away his bride--wedding gown, bouquet, and all. Much to his surprise, he finds Tina is everything he's ever wanted in a wife, except for one important thing--she's turned her back on God. But even if she were to come back to the Lord, a permanent relationship for Tina and Hank may be impossible. Someone is standing in their way... Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire ...
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