Beth Banning
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 76

Are you stressed out and just want to feel more relaxed and peaceful? Are you ready to have a more meaningful life? Have you heard meditation can help, but you're not really sure it's for you? If any of this sounds familiar, then you'll want to read Meditation for Beginners and start using this meditation how to book for stress relief. In this book you'll find answers to many of your most important questions. You'll also find easy to follow beginner's meditations and the support and encouragement you need to start your meditation practice right away. In this meditation guide, Volume 1 of The Meditation for Life Series, you'll discover: • How to access an inner sense of peace and tranquility.• A variety of methods for achieving a successful meditative state.• Practical breathing exercises, concentration techniques, and much, much moreThis is not just some new age philosophy ...
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