Robert Leland Taylor
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 258

A wildly perverted, whacked-out take on religion, politics, alien encounters and the never ending pursuit of happiness. Brought to you by Malcolm, a three-foot, cigar-chomping "messenger" from god-knows-where who tries to get Shirley and ne'er-do-well boyfriend, Nathan, to have a baby. But not just any baby. This one will usher in something Malcolm likes to call The New Dawn, a blissful new world with zero problems.But there is a big problem for now--young Shirley is spokesperson for Abstinence Before Marriage and daughter of the conservative Toledo mayor who's in a tight race for re-election. Shirley and Nathan want no part of the "Chosen" gig.But they may not have a choice.After all, it has been written. (less)
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