Lisa Turner
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 503

"God is on your side? Is he a conservative? The devil's on my side, he's a good communist." - Joseph Stalin to Winston Churchill"They were like krill brushing the tentacles of a squid. Their presence alerted the predator that her appetite would soon be quelled. She felt empowered by the proximity of fragile, vulnerable creatures. They nourished her. She absorbed their nutrients. With tiny, twirling fins, they propelled themselves without direction and without eyesight through the medium. Dinner in the medium was effortless. Svetlana just opened her mouth and swallowed."So believes Svetlana Messner of her fellow man. A school girl and the spiritual successor to Joseph Stalin, Svetlana is a narcissist with superb gifts for oration and fear mongering. She bamboozles her local congressman, an ancient and fuddled Cold Warrior, into sponsoring the funding for her cause, which he believes is ...
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