Rosemarie Naramore
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 164

When six-year-old Sunny arrived at Dustin “Dusty” Relic’s home years before, bedraggled and abused, he made a decision he never regretted—he kept her and raised her as his own child. When adult Sunny returns home after years away, she finds her beloved adoptive father is in need of her loving care this time. The area’s wealthiest family, the Tates, are determined to get their hands on his property, and the rocks and minerals there. She learns they’ll seemingly stop at nothing to possess what belongs to Dusty. Unfortunately, when he plows his truck into the Tate’s youngest son, the local law enforcement can’t help but be suspicious of his intent. The Tates begin digging into Dusty’s past. Will Dusty and Sunny’s secret about her origins cost them their property—and everything else they hold dear? Or will the father and daughter triumph, with a little assistance from the handsome ...
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