Nicolas Wilson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 94

Cinderella Shoes contains 15 short stories, including the titular story.Stiletto: An exotic dancer struggles to make a living after encountering a murder-in-progress on the job.Cast: The world is increasingly run by robots, which grow increasingly human.Analog: An ex-Air Force pilot subsists after a weapon disables all modern technology.Weakness: Sergeant Ruocco hanged himself.My Beloved's Eyes: We leave pieces of ourselves with our loved ones- sometimes literally. Reformatory: A juvenile delinquent and her roommate mature in the aftermath of a devastating assault.Capricorn: A man wrecks his life and chases fairy tales, while dealing with his young daughter's impending illness.Behav: Future terrorists recruit a past terrorist.Death Echoes: A detective communes with the dead to close their unsolved cases.Traveled Time: A man examines his life and choices, with the advent of time ...
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