Stephen Arseneault
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 193

The Earth and the empire it controls are on the defensive. Her citizens are defiant in the face of an overwhelming power. They will fight to ensure their survival and that of their allies. Will they be victorious and determine their own destiny or will Earth and Man perish for all eternity? Who will rule the Milky Way? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the SODIUM series!SODIUM Defiance is the sixth thrilling book of this epic adventure. If you have yet to begin reading this series you will want to begin with the first book--SODIUM Harbinger. Grab your copy today! What are readers saying about this series?--I hope the series within the series never ends: Sodium, AMP, Omega are a trilogy of not one, not two, but 22 page turners. Great writing; thoughtful and suspenseful. There are so many great books and authors; Arseneault shares the top end of my list.----After reading 4 chapter's ...
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