Joseph Rogers
Publisher: St. Louis Bookstore
Pages: 95

In this exciting contemporary fantasy novella, 17-year-old Caroline Casey once again finds herself in a magical, mystical world. Caroline would like a normal summer vacation, but things never seem to work out that way. Her unique ability to discern truth from lies makes Caroline a valuable ally to the elves.A qilin (with the head of a dragon and the body of a tiger) is supposed to be a mythological creature. However, when a qilin shows up in Caroline’s backyard, the adventure begins. Caroline and her friends seek to stop a plot against Betwixt, a mystical island that moves from dimension to dimension, from world to world.Leviathan and other dangerous sea serpents threaten Betwixt and all its inhabitants.************************Excerpt: “Hi, Talbot,” I greeted him. “Hi,” he replied as I sat down next to him. “Thanks for rescuing me yesterday.” “No problem.” “I wish ...
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