Jonah Rye
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 231

In the time of genocide. The environment is heavy with the memory of conflict, rank with the spoils of aid and corruption, infused with exploitation, violence, impunity. 'When the girl was still very young two boys came. They selected her. There is a place where you will make a great deal of money they told her. And you won't pick up garbage. Here there is danger, but with us you are safe.' ANGELS, the path of a girl taken and trafficked, and the trio of misbegotten believers who make her redemption their duty. 'Girls talked about getting money, pay the debt. Get out. Freedom. But I knew. They knew. No getting out. The debt never goes away.'PASSAGE, the story of a country girl in her quest for a better life in the city. 'Mea left her home, her people, her roots, her world. Packing hope and determination and two changes of clothes in a cardboard suitcase tied with plastic twine, she ...
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