S. Ganley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 221

It began as a terrorist attack against the United States and Europe. Middle Eastern terrorist squads were infected with a virus engineered to strike at the heart of the Western world in the name of Islam and the Holy Jihad. When the virus mutated without warning, the infection took on a dimension and scale beyond any rational explanation. Spreading across the globe like lightning, it left millions dead in its wake. Worse than the initial body counts are those that suffered catastrophic and irreversible brain damage. The infected retain nothing of their former selves and instead they are reborn in an aggressive animal like state with the sole impulse to find and kill the small handful of survivors immune to the virus.Hunter Ashcroft served proudly in the Iraqi war until a sniper’s bullet cut his career short. Now back in the civilian world he is working hard to make the adjustment ...
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