Kayleigh Jean
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Pages: 61

Are you interested in learning about some of the popular superfoods that are all the rage on the health food scene, the internet, and at your local health food store? This Mini-Guide from Raw & Coveted provides the most important points about the author's 19 Favorite Superfoods. This is a well-constructed guide with sections for each superfood's vitamin and mineral contents and "special properties" that make each one unique and SUPER!This guide also comes with information on practical ways to incorporate superfoods into a healthy diet! Complete with links to the author's favorite sources for these super nutritious foods, this handy guide will help you find the best price for the best quality! It's perfect for the health-conscious bargain hunter!All of the superfoods mentioned within are healthy, and you may be surprised to learn what they can do for you. Many of them have been consumed ...
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