Glen Stanford
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 112

In the great tradition of sequels, this book picks up where Amazon's Number One "Hot New Release" in Business Humor, How I Wrote 2 e-Books in 21 Days, left off. With any luck, this book will remind you that sequels can be brilliant, as with Toy Story 2 or Terminator 2.Then again, it might just suck as bad as Caddyshack 2, Blues Brothers 2000 or Weekend at Bernies II (yes, they really made this bonehead movie - you can't make this crap up).We learned in the first book that it doesn't require a rocketary scientifical degree to get an e-book published. Any schmoe can do it, as Glen Stanford proved when he published two e-books in 21 days.Now that you've learned the secrets of getting your book out to the e-world, it's time to market it so people will throw money and accolades at your feet. This book tells you how.Of course, in the grand tradition of Mr. Stanford's storytelling, you can't ...
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