Trey Watson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 98

"[We] commend this book to all lovers of native plants." - The Blazing Star, the newsletter of the North American Native Plant Society, Summer 2014Southern Bounty explores the diverse fruit and nut-bearing plants that grow wild in the southeastern United States. It is handbook for gardeners who want to cultivate these plants for food and beauty and for those who want to preserve these plants for future generations. Included in this book about native plants: Black Walnuts Serviceberry Mayhaw Pawpaw Wild Plum Plus many more.Each chapter includes historical information on the specific plant covered by the chapter, along with growing, harvesting, propagation, and harvest preservation information. The southeastern United States is full of wild, native fruits and nuts that have provided generations of native peoples and settlers with sustenance and flavor. Southern Bounty explores the beauty ...
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