Melanie Marks
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 195

From the author of Slumber Party Wars and (**New!!) Best Friend WarsA very strange thing has happened to Mackenzie. VERY strange. And after it happens, she can read the mind of her secret crush—Matt Roberts. Well, his mind … and everyone else’s at Jefferson Middle School.Wow! Some people’s thoughts aren’t very nice! But other people’s are mushy and gushy and sweet—like Matt’s. The only problem is: all he thinks about is Nicole. Grr!!Other things Mackenzie learns: Riley spends a lot of time thinking about his best friend’s girlfriend, Zoey Jones. Big, hockey-playing Griffin has a soft spot in his heart for Ally. And Lacy lied to her best friend, Summer. Not only that, Lacy is screaming to snatch a boyfriend— Summer’s secret crush, Lincoln!This book also includes the short story: "The Diary." (The Diary used to be titled: Middle School World of Magic)From Melanie ...
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