Robert Trainor
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 276

NOTE: This novel can be purchased with seven other novels of mine for $3.99 in an anthology entitled Eight Novels. The Road Map to the Universe is also contained in Four Murder Mysteries, which is another anthology of mine that sells for $2.99. Finally, for those who enjoy courtroom dramas, The Road Map to the Universe is included in 6 Courtroom Dramas, which sells for $3.49.Who really murdered Karen Breen? Was it her son Jeremy, her husband Dana, or Shawn Evans, Jeremy’s former best friend?Jeremy, being only twenty-three, is a bit of a brat, but at least he’s an intellectual brat. It all started on that day when he was killing some time in the library and picked up a book called The Road Map to the Milky Way. As he was flipping through it in an aimless, sarcastic way, he stumbled onto a statistic that he would never forget: Most astronomers felt that the universe contained at least ...
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