Kate Porter
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 410

Chase Nightly is a born and bred Georgia boy from Savannah, who loves his job as a Social Studies teacher, his bachelorhood and his widowed mother. Rae Chandler is a contemporary woman from New York City with no desire to change that fact; as different from Chase as night and day with only one exception: They are both leaders of elite teams of vampire slayers called Uccisore, but with very different territories. When Chase and Rae meet for the first time, thanks to an introduction by one of Chase’s students who happens to be Rae’s niece, sparks fly and past life memories surface. Memories that keep Rae off balance and terrified that destiny will claim her heart once more and Rae goes on the offensive.After a particularly nasty fight with Rae, Chase heads out into the night in a rage where he’s nearly killed by Gordon Charles, Vampire King. A vampire with a vendetta against all ...
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