Dusti Reynolds
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 292

Misty Darrow faked her own death to leave behind a troubled past and a more troubling present. Now that she has escaped, will she be able to master her power over the dead, or will the death that haunts everyone be her own?She wanted answers. She wanted peace. She wanted a better life.After leaving behind a world she never belonged in, Misty starts a new life filled with secrets beyond anything she ever dared to imagine. Life as she knew it was only the surface of a greater world incapable of being perceived by mere humans.What she hadn’t anticipated was an unstoppable foe that nobody believes to exist until it is almost too late. When a deadly showdown proves that she may actually be the savior she needs to be, will those she is destined to rescue accept Misty, or will the horror of what she’s done force them to turn her away?Bury the Dead is the second book of the Glimmer series.
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