L. Kyle
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 474

A wolf as a boy’s beloved pet? Suburbia will never be the same again.Kavishar behaves like a dog in many respects – gentle, friendly, devoted to his master. In his mind, he is a dog, just like his best friend, a Siberian Husky. But Kavishar is actually a large young wolf, and his teenage master is the son of a fur trapper. When Kavishar’s master moves from the Yukon to an Alberta town, Kavishar struggles to adapt to life there. Alarmed by bustling town life, shunned by town dogs, Kavishar must fight for his life and freedom, and struggle to find a place where he belongs.“Kavishar” is a tale of love and heartbreak, hope and despair, friendship and ill-advised revenge. Above all, “Kavishar” explores what it means to be an outcast, and the struggle to rise above that stigma and be true to oneself and one’s beliefs.Publisher’s Advisory: This book is intended for readers ...
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