George Manga
Publisher: George Manga
Pages: 22

Jungle Africa: Buster is lost - Children's bookThis children's book is about following the rules. If rules are not followed, there are consequences and they are not pretty. A beautiful bedtime story for ages 3 to 7. Buster is a baby elephant and though friendly, learns the hard way that not following simple rules could cause huge problems. He undergoes a hair raising undertaking for not following simple rules. He gets lost in the jungle with strange animals and monstrous noises. A lesson he sure will not forget.Why choose 'Jungle Africa'? This illustrated children's story book is suitable as a reading aloud for kindergarten children ages 3 - 5, and 1st grade school children ages 6 - 8, or beginning readers in general. The book is funny and humorous; it has simple sentences that make it ideal for beginning readers practice. It has beautiful illustrations on every page to grab the ...
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