Kevin Rattan
ASIN: B00D0B9836
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 192

Hobin is the boggart of Ellwin Hall. Not so very long ago, there were boggarts in all the big houses, but not anymore. Now there's just Hobin - the last of the fairies.Or so twelve year old Adam Ellwin has always believed. Then one day he happens upon a starving fairy and brings him home. Hobin isn't at all pleased to share his family or Ellwin Hall, and when Hobin’s not happy, everyone knows about it.But Hobin going on the rampage is only the start of Adam’s problems. It turns out that there are more fairies out there – and they all have a knack for getting Adam into trouble. So does Sophie, Adam’s best friend, with her crackpot idea about the Fairy Rescue League…
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